Sanderson Public Trails Clean Up

August 29, 2020 – August 30, 2020 all-day
Hardees (Big Chimney, WV)
4400 Pennsylvania Ave
WV 25302
Nikko Bowden (secretary)

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday August 29th & 30th, 2020  @ 10:00AM
WHERE: Meet-up at the Hardees in Big Chimney, WV (4400 Pennsylvania Ave, Charleston, WV 25302)

We all utilize the Sanderson/Campbell’s Creek area for trail riding throughout each year, so lets keep it looking great! Everyone is welcome, all type of 4×4 vehicles are welcome and encouraged to join in on the efforts. We will be staying on stock trails/outer loops, so it will be stock friendly for everyone to help if they want to. This is just one small step in keeping our public trails…well…public. We want to make sure that Sanderson is a place that everyone can enjoy for years and years to come. After all, this is Wild & Wonderful, West By God Virginia! We will have at least 2 trailers provided by some of the Chemical Valley Crawlers crew (one for trash and one for cans to recycle) out on the trails with us. Maybe even a few dumpsters at each end of the trail to keep the clean up running smoothly provided by the Rehabilitation Environmental Action Program (REAP) and a bunch of materials to get the job done from WVDOH and WVDEP. They have also agreed to wave the dumping fees because of everyone efforts.  The money that is made from recycling cans and donations will go to the Quick Country Store’s trout restocking program. They are a locally owned convenience store and more in Quick, WV near the trails we will be cleaning. 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO JACOB BAILESBRIANNA COLLINS, AND ZAC PERSINGER FOR GETTING THIS LINED OUT AND BRINGING IDEAS TO REAL LIFE!!! If you see them, give them a pat on the back! They truly realize the importance of trail maintenance and its impact on the future of OHV ownership in WV.

We are able to sign any community service or volunteer hours log sheets that may be needed. Please let us know if we can help you log some of your hours or sign off on something.

  • Limited materials, water, and food will be supplied (based on donations).
  • Bring your own gloves, trash bags, grabbers, rakes, snacks, etc. But if you do not have anything to bring, please don’t let that stop you from coming out a helping. All you really need is you and some effort to make this happen!
  • Lunch on the trail around 1:00PM
  • End time may vary (we guess 4 or 5pm for the majority) but leave or stay as long as you’d like. Your help is very appreciated.

A few of us will be heading out to wheel “Mexico”/Blue Creek area directly after clean up is done for the day on both Saturday and Sunday. We will see who wants to hit the trails during clean up and go from there the day of based on who shows up.

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