Guage cluster inop, no bus, wont start, crank sensor issues,

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Guage cluster inop, no bus, wont start, crank sensor issues,

Post by Penguinishblue02 » Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:32 pm

If you have any of these symptoms, check this first! Takes 2 mins and have seen it cause lots of problems! Have seen mostly on 96-01 XJ, Did see on on 99 Wrangler also.

-Gauges don’t work, but vehicle starts and drives fine
-Can not connect DRB 3 or scan tool will not communicate with vehicle
-Vehicle will crank but not start
-CPS code or CPS keeps breaking
-Gauges act funny, intermittent problems, abs, airbag, check engine lights coming on and off

There is a ground wire from the main harness in the engine bay that grounds to the block half way up right near the oil dipstick, some even use this bolt as a mount for the dipstick tube. This bolt will work lose or the wire can break and lose your grounds for your CPS, CPU and many other components. Simple fix, tighten the bolt or fix the wire. Have seen many people spend lots of money trying to figure out the problem only to find it was a bad ground wire!

Also there is a know fact the gauge clusters in XJs will go bad where they connect to the harness.. if the gauges are acting up but the vehicle runs fine and the ground wire is tight..look up the repair procedure for this fix. You can buy a jumper harness from jeep for 8$ that will fix the issue. Hope this helps.
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