Welcome to the home of the West Virginia Jeep Club! This is a new presence to replace the forums that we have utilized for a long time. In the coming days, weeks, and even months, we will be making additions for a better user experience. This will be the central hub for all things related to the West Virginia Jeep Club and will be updated on a continuous basis. 

Some of the things coming soon are:

  • Events Calendar
  • Membership Applications – Now Available
  • Social Media Feeds – Now Available on the right hand side.


Currently on the left hand side you will find two options: Main Forum and Archive Forum.

Main Forum – Join the conversations with other off-road enthusiasts in our fresh, new forum. With an updated interface, our forum will work with mobile phones and includes Tapatalk integration. Feel free to register and give it a whirl!

Archive Forum – This is a read-only copy of the prior forum. It contains all the historical posts available. If you are a current member, and want access to the old forum, please click on “Contact Us” and send us a message so we can make that happen for you.